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Review: Sure Thing

Title: Sure Thing
Series: N/A
Author: Jana Aston 
Genre: Adult, Romance, Contemporary 
Publisher: Rutherford Press 
Publication Date: October 10, 2017
Source: Bought

Have you ever set out to have a one night stand with a sexy stranger?
No? I’m the only one?
Just kidding, I would never.
Not usually.

But then I figured, why not? My entire life I’ve been good and it’s gotten me nowhere.
No job.
No apartment.
No boyfriend.

I’m owed a little fun, aren’t I? A reward for being good.
Sure, a new pair of shoes would be more appropriate, but Mr. Sexy Stranger is more appealing. And when he speaks—in that British accent—it’s a done deal. Every American woman has a hot British guy fantasy. Well, most do. I haven't taken a poll or anything, but I’m pretty sure it’s a fact.

You know that saying about best-laid plans?
Good, because I don’t either, but I assume they go awry.
Like my one night stand…

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Aw, man.  I wanted to like this one so much more than I did.  I don't know, maybe I over hyped it because I was excited to get another Jana Aston book but this one didn't sit as well with me as her previous ones did.  While it wasn't terrible, it just didn't live up to my expectations. 

My main issue was the main characters.  Apart, they were fine.  But together, I couldn't feel the chemistry.  Maybe it was because they got together so quickly (they met as a one night stand).  I tend to like romances that have a bit more build up than that; there's something that's not really as fun and exciting if everything just happens right from the start of the book.  I wanted some more conflict and some flirting and build up before they actually got together and I didn't really feel that.  And the fact that the whole book took place over about a week, it didn't feel like enough time for them to form the sort of relationship they did.  It wasn't quite instalove but it was pretty darn close.  

The overall plot wasn't super engaging either.  Basically it was just filler between when Violet and Jennings (the main characters) hooked up.  I would have liked seeing a bit more to the story, a bit more conflict and dimension.  It was interesting at points but a lot of it felt repetitive (Jennings wondering if Violet was hiding something, Violet worrying about the fact that she was hiding something).  I just wanted more.  

This definitely isn't my least favorite book by Jana Aston but it's not near the top either.  I felt like it was lacking the usual spark between the characters that I'm used to seeing in her novels.  I still plan on reading whatever she comes out with next but I can't deny that this one was disappointing.  

“Look, I’m a sure thing,” I tell him with a small shrug while shifting my eyes away then back. 

Three out of Five Teapots


Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Waiting on Wednesday #121

Title: The Afterlife of Holly Chase 
Series: N/A
Author: Cynthia Hand 
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy 
Publisher: Harper Teen 
Publication Date: October 24, 2017 

On Christmas Eve five years ago, Holly was visited by three ghosts who showed her how selfish and spoiled she'd become. They tried to convince her to mend her ways.
She didn't.
And then she died.
Now she's stuck working for the top-secret company Project Scrooge--as the latest Ghost of Christmas Past.
Every year, they save another miserly grouch. Every year, Holly stays frozen at seventeen while her family and friends go on living without her. So far, Holly's afterlife has been miserable.
But this year, everything is about to change. . . .

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Why I'm waiting on The Afterlife of Holly Chase this Wednesday: This book sounds so interesting and like the perfect holiday read!  While it comes out soon (next week!!) I'll probably save it until around Christmas time when the story seems to take place.  Also, the cover is GORGEOUS! I'm really enjoying this book cover trend where they have the black background with minimalist design.  

What are you waiting on this Wednesday?  Are you looking forward to this book?  Do you think you'll read it when it comes out or wait for the holidays?  Let me know in the comments below and leave me a link to your posts!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Top Ten Yummy Foods in Books!

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish in which we share out top ten lists relating to the bookish topic assigned that week.

This week's topic is...

Top Ten Yummy Foods in Books!

  1. Butterbeer in Harry Potter!  I've tried butterbeer before from the Harry Potter theme park but actually didn't like it much.  I'm convinced that real butterbeer would be way better.  
  2. Nectar from Percy Jackson!  I'd love to try nectar.  It supposedly tastes like whatever the drinker likes best and I'd be interested to see what nectar tastes like for me!
  3. Turkish Delights from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.  Despite having never read this book, I seriously wanted a taste of these things when I watched the movie!
  4. Blue Food from Percy Jackson.  Percy is obsessed with blue food and I totally get it because blue food is pretty tasty.  
  5. All the baked goods from To All the Boys I've Loved Before!  Lara Jean seriously inspires me to want to bake more.  
  6. Lemon Tarts from Heartless!  Even though I didn't really like this book (and didn't finish it, in fact), I still was making grabby hands at these lemon tarts.  They sounded so delicious! 
Those are all the foods mentioned in books that I can think of right now!  What are some book foods that sound yummy to you?  Let me know in the comments below and leave links to your posts! 

Monday, October 16, 2017

Review: The Invansion of the Tearling

Title: The Invasion of the Tearling
Series: The Queen of the Tearling #2
Author: Erika Johensen
Genre: Adult, Fantasy
Publisher: Harper
Publication Date: June 9, 2015
Source: Bought

Kelsea Glynn is the Queen of the Tearling. Despite her youth, she has quickly asserted herself as a fair, just and powerful ruler.
However, power is a double-edged sword, and small actions can have grave consequences. In trying to do what is right - stopping a vile trade in humankind - Kelsea has crossed the Red Queen, a ruthless monarch whose rule is bound with dark magic and the spilling of blood. The Red Queen's armies are poised to invade the Tearling, and it seems nothing can stop them.
Yet there was a time before the Crossing, and there Kelsea finds a strange and possibly dangerous ally, someone who might hold the key to the fate of the Tearling, and indeed to Kelsea's own soul. But time is running out...
Erika Johansen's fierce and unforgettable young heroine returns in this dazzling new novel of magic and adventure, set in the beguiling world of the Tearling.

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It took me SO.  LONG. To read this book.  Honestly, I started it in the middle of September and put it down for three weeks before picking it up again.  It's not necessarily because it was uninteresting and boring; in fact, it was really interesting once I got into reading it.  But it was one of those books that didn't beg me to pick it up after I put it down.  I wasn't dying to see what happened next which was quite the change from the first book.  

I think my main issue with this book was the fact that I just started to dislike the main character, Kelsea.  I felt like she was making bad decisions after bad decision.  Not only that, but she wasn't very nice to anyone!  I wanted to see her have a somewhat healthy and supportive relationship with someone in this book but it didn't really happen.  The power of her magic and the crown really started going to her head in this book and it made me frustrated with her constantly.  I wanted to see some decency in her but it was hard to overlook the decisions she made and how she treated some of the others in the book.  Like Mace!  Mace is one of my favorite characters but it frustrated me to no end that he and Kelsea seem to have a terrible relationship where they can hardly have a conversation.  

Most of this plot was waiting for the Red Queen to invade the Tearling.  While interesting at parts, some of it felt fairly repetitive.  Also, a lot of the story took place in the past from the POV of a new character named Lily.  It took me a while to warm up to her because I was so anxious to get back to Kelsea's story and see what was going on with her.  But Lily's POV ended up being really interesting and insightful.  

Overall, this book was a bit of a disappointment compared to the first one.  It was still interesting and I was invested in the story, but it didn't grab me like the first one had.  I'm still looking forward to reading the third book and finding out what happens in this story!

“When it fails, they do call it madness, Lazarus. But when it succeeds, they call it genius.” 

Three out of Five Teapots

Friday, October 13, 2017

Cozy Autumn Reads!

Autumn is my favorite season and I find that it's the best time of year to cuddle up with a soft blanket, a large mug of hot chocolate, and a good, cozy book.  There are certain types of books that just make perfect autumn reads!  So I thought I'd share some of my favorite cozy reads to pick up during this time of year!

An Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson
Not only does this book have an AMAZING autumn-esque cover, it also features a faerie who is an autumn prince!  All the amazing autumn images and descriptions, along with the slow and sweet romance is what makes this one a great cozy read!

I can't go through fall without reading at least one Harry Potter book!  There's something so cozy about going back and reading them -- a nostalgic feeling, kind of like coming home!  

The Princess Bride by William Goldman
Adventure, true love, revenge, and so much more.  This book has it all and it will have you swooning, laughing, and cheering.  Just a genuinely fun, feel good book perfect for raining autumn days.

What to Say Next by Julie Buxbaum 
Okay so I know this looks really summery with that cover, but honestly, it's such a heartfelt and sweet romance.  It's all about acceptance and love and coming to terms with grief.  Julie Buxbaum is an amazing writer and she does a great job with this novel.

Compulsion by Martina Boone
The atmosphere in this book is definitely autumnal, as you can probably tell from the cover!  With mystery, ghosts, and a romance, it's this book will make you want to stay snuggled in blankets all day.

What are some of your favorite autumn reads?  Which books make you want to cuddle up with a warm drink on a stormy day?  Give me some suggestions in the comments below!

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